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What do you do when a client really wants to have a viral? You invent and present him a product that differentiates, creates a new business model and at the same time is a creative springboard for more than just a seeded, generic piece of advertising. This is exactly what we did.

The short story long:

Gold, golf, huge house, huge car, huge boat, young lover: everything I want when I win the lottery. Same old cliché and same old insight about why people really try their luck with the numbers.

Our totally new insight: almost all lottery winners are in the same situation. They want to share their luck with other people they are thankful to. But as everyone else, they don’t want to give something away from their money.

We differentiated Tipp24, just not the way it was briefed. But with a brand-new product that added a beautiful gesture to the lottery game: the #thankyou million, literally one million Euro on top of each jackpot to dedicate it to a well-deserved friend and enabling the winner to share his joy without having to give something from his own money.

Since everyone nominated for the #thankyou million receives a notification e-mail, they also get in touch with the lottery products of Tipp24 and are encouraged to play and nominate someone for the #thankyou million themselves. This way, without having to communicate at all, Tipp24 gets even more awareness and potential players with every nomination. In other words: we created the first perpetuum mobile for an online lottery service.

“With this new differentiating product, we created a real USP for Tipp24. This was more important to us than a random campaign that once again consists of endless bling-bling“, says the founder of the agency. “How much greater is it to add a real emotional benefit to the lottery game, something that lasts and works, rather than a TVC that runs for two weeks.“

Realised by the agency with Arne Feldhusen, director of well-known German series “Tatortreiniger“ and “Stromberg“, celebrating the act of saying thank you – with the #thankyou million.

In charming stories, average people become heroes. And share their luck with someone very important in their lives, in a great emotional speech.

The films are available online and on TV. The #thankyou million can be played only on and