Audi on demand – Photography 

AN internatioanl 360Β° campaign for the Premium mobility service AUDI ON DEMAND.

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Driving a car with the whole package: adrenaline, getting out, reaching destinations, travelling with style and comfort, self-determination, freedom, … by the touch of a button. Without the stress it takes to own a car. Without looking for parking space and doing paperwork.

This is Audi on demand. This ist zeitgeist.

We call it β€žOwn the experience. Not the car.β€œ And show these experiences in a campaign. In a film with a drive-by panorama and a stream-of-consciousness voice-over from someone who finally found what he has been looking for forever – every Audi.


1. A car campaign in which the car is not the main protagonist.

2. The campaign works as an innovative toolkit enabling a near-infinite use regarding space, time and content for all assets.

3. We describe the future of mobility. And turn a lifestyle into a status symbol. The campaign isn’t about affording a car in one’s garage. But to have access to experiences.



The toolkit is efficient and intelligent. But it is even more intelligent not to rely on the shiny surfaces of luxury limousines or the name of a well-known car brand. But rather on the customers and their emotions. Not to satisfy their desire for individuality with features, but with the promise of true uniqueness: personal experiences.

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